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Ai Yazawa Icontest: an icon contest for fans of Ai Yazawa.

An Ai Yazawa Series Icontest @ LJ.com
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An Ai Yazawa Series Icontest @ LJ.com

it's contest time!

Welcome to yazawa_awards, LiveJournal's first and only icontest for series created by the mangaka Ai Yazawa. This will run like any other icontest, with themes being posted on Monday, a mid-week reminder, and voting going up on Saturday. If you aren't an icon maker but would like to encourage others, plaese stick around and vote for your favorites every weekend!

1) When you submit, make sure to include the series that your icon takes place in, so that we keep everything Ai Yazawa related. This community is MANGA ONLY! However, you can use artbooks, colored images, and black and white bases.

2) You can submit up to 2 icons for every theme, unless otherwise stated.

3) You icons should be brand spanking new for each challenge. No double posting, recycling, etc.

4) No cheating. So, not voting for the worst, voting becaue you think you know who made it, or voting for yourself. Just vote for the best one.

5) Icons must must Livejournal standard: 100x100, and no more than 40 kb.

6) If you take an icon from one of the contests, make sure you credit the maker. If you need to ask, ask after the winners have been announced.


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